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The quality of whole-class talk in biology education (BMBF, 01-2011-12/2013)

involved persons:

LMU: Prof. Dr. Birgit J. Neuhaus, Jigna Nawani, Julia Rixius

“We know what we know when we say it.” (O’Keefe, 1995)

The question how to improve teaching effectiveness in science education – recently asked by international assessment studies like PISA or TIMSS – is important for any educational system which wants to raise the pupils’ learning achievement. In this context, the presented project focuses on the interaction between whole-class talk in biology classrooms and pupils’ learning process. In order to explore whole-class talk, this study applies a multi-method quasi-experimental design: A sample of 45 videotaped 9th grade grammar school biology lessons will be reanalyzed through a coding tool differentiating characteristics of whole-class talk. It is expected that these influence the pupils’ learning achievement.